Our Services

In Control y Potencia S.A., we have an integrated engineering division with highly trained and capable staff, with the technological means for designs, calculations, value engineering, and startup of all types of electrical and mechanical installations, as well as for special services.

Our work, effort, and continuous training allows us to effectively and efficiently develop the projects. Our ability to adapt and our dynamism allows us to always respond to concrete client needs in a timely manner.

Power Quality

The economic factor in the commercial and industrial sector is directly connected with energy efficiency for each consumer. The development of electronics and its implementation in various sectors directly affect power efficiency and quality. For this reason, our company, Control y Potencia S.A., has developed a power quality division, with highly trained professionals that provide our power quality auditing services and predictive maintenance for latest generation equipment.

Our continuous training approach and wide experience allows to provide proper attention to your needs with the highest level of efficiency and professionalism. Some of the studies we perform are the following:

  • Analysis and design of grounding systems
  • Analysis and recording of power quality
  • Infrared thermography studies
  • Ground resistivity measurements
  • Short circuit studies and protection coordination

Electromechanical Construction

In the electromechanical construction field, we have extensive experience in project development, complying and exceeding our client´s needs. We develop the following activities:

  • Design and construction of electrical and mechanical systems, telecommunications, and specials systems
  • Consultancies in electromechanical systems and special systems design
  • Maintenance service for installed systems

Additionally, we have the following supplementary services:

  • Insulation tests and other variables related to motors and transformers.
  • System reorganization and incorporation of advanced technologies.
  • Energy saving systems
  • Wastewater disposal and treatment systems
  • Hot and drinking water supply systems
  • Systems for gases and fluids.

Special Systems

The need of the IT, telecom, and human security sectors grow on a daily basis, which allows us to provide better design services for your network installations and improving and redesigning installations. We have highly qualified staff, focused in providing solutions for our clients’ needs.

Among these special services, we offer the following:

  • Structured cabling
  • Data centers
  • Optic fiber
  • CCTV
  • CATV
  • Intelligent Control (BMS)
  • Access control
  • Notification and alarms for fire detection systems
  • Audio and video systems

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